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Ofer, father of 3 boys, has had a lifelong passion for reading and writing. He began writing his first book, Summer Sleep Away the summer he sent his own sons off to camp for their first time. Ofer spent endless nights sitting at the edge of their beds telling his children stories from his own years in camp. As the boys embarked on their journey they encouraged Ofer to turn his stories into a book… so became Mattie Kleinfeld and the beginning of Ofer’s prolific career.

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‘Summer Sleep-Away’ named among top teen books for summer

Summer Sleep Away - The Book

A new summer reading list for teens, compiled from recommendations of parents, teen readers, and the help of librarians, named “Summer Sleep-Away” by New Jersey author Ofer Aronskind one of the top 10 teen books…

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The Upstate Boys

John Shepherd (Shep) is a kid of the streets. An orphan bounced around from one foster family to another until he winds up in a juvenile detention center in upstate New York. While incarcerated, Shep and his fellow inmates are subjected to regular beatings and forced hard labor by the corrupt warden who runs the facility along with his squadron of armed guards…

I've never read a book that so well captures the fun and drama of sleepaway. I was a camper and a counselor and this is a great way to relive the nostalgia. I've also recommended it to friends who have sons and daughters going away for the first time. The author writes in a style that is accessible at any age but as rewarding for adults as it is engaging for kids. Required reading!

- RMS (New York, NY USA)
- RMS (New York, NY USA)