Dec 9, 2013

A great read for all, December 9, 2012

Whether you have gone to camp or not, this book is a great read. Not only perfect for kids in camp, this book will bring back all those great memories from the good old days. I went to camp over thirty years ago and now I have two kids in camp. I read this book while my son did and despite our age difference we both loved it! Whenever we both read an amazing part we would meet up and discuss the book. What a great experience! Ofer Aronskind knows what he is talking about when it comes to camp, trust me. He might look like an adult now, but he definitely has the mind of a 12 year old boy (in a good way :)).

If you’re considering buying this book, I would tell you DEFINITELY GET IT!!!! The only decision to make is whether to buy one for yourself or ten to give to all your family and friends!