Jan 9, 2014

Christopher Cella – Summer Sleep-Away

This is a fantastic book about a young boy’s exploration into adolescence. Ofer Aronskind does a phenomenal job of portraying the events in this book so that as a reader you feel as you are living the story along with the characters. The reader friendly format engages you in the story and has you yearning to find out what happens next. This story personally took me back to my youth and surfaced many feelings and emotions that I have not thought of or felt in a long time, including going away for the summer, the anxiety of making new friends, exploring new things, and ultimately discovering who I was. This page turner will reconnect you with a youth that so many adults have forgotten, and that makes up such an important part of who we are. As an avid reader I haven’t felt embraced by such a book in a long time. This is a book that should be mandatory reading as part of any school book program or for any kids about to venture off to camp. Kids and adults both will love this coming-of-age story and will certainly have trouble putting it down. I can’t wait to read the next one!!