Sep 3, 2015

Summer Sleep-Away

The stars. The fresh air. The clean water. The sky… As close to nature as you are ever going to get. Summer Camp.

I got my hands on a new book! It’s called Summer Sleep-Away, by Ofer Aronskind, and I think…it just may be my ticket to Summer Camp for next year! I couldn’t put it down, and if I can get Zac and Jonah to read it…they will be on the next bus to Tamakwa! Not only is it heartfelt, and touching…I feel like all camp stories should be all that, right? But it is imaginative. And it’s told by a 10-year old boy that may not have wanted to go to camp, but needed to go. Kinda like my guys. His parents were fighting, and hiding it…thinking he didn’t understand what was going on. But he did. Kids are so smart. In this novel, the young boy, Mattie Klienfeld, really needed to get out of his house. Away from the stress. So his parents send him. And he’s far from happy…and he’s far from home, and he’s scared. Sounds great, I know! But he learns to work through his homesickness, and has an entire summer of “firsts” and adventures…

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